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I’m Amber Jackson – the face and name behind ‘Style by Amber’. This is a blog about my life and how I deal with acne, plus product news and reviews. I also like to share experiences, both mine and other people’s as I think it helps in understanding how others feel and cope with situations. I also offer tips on confidence-building. So it’s ‘style’ in the broadest sense of the word.

There is lots more on my You Tube channel, StyleByAmber, too.

I am passionate about getting people to understand what it is like living with acne, from the physical pain to bullying and discrimnation. As well as through my blog and YouTube channel, I have communicated this through mainsteam media.

I have featured in the Body Beautiful series on BBC Three on which I spoke about what it is like to have severe acne and how I have managed to deal with this condition.(www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00tt4fr/features/contributors). I have also participated in a radio interview on Radio5Live with MP Jo Swinson about body image, and have appeared in Top of the Pops magazine and other media.

I am very keen to help other people which has led to an exciting opportunity to work with with Changing Faces, a national charity who supports people with visible differences, from acne and eczema to burns and facial disfigument. I am a media ambassador for them, and sit on their Young People’s Council. I hope to raise awareness, change attitudes and help with fund-raising.

Changing Faces has a skin camouflage service, originally established by the Red Cross. This is something I am hoping to be involved with oneday by becoming a camouflage practitioner.

More about me…

I am an ex student of Bedes School, the face and name behind ‘Style By Amber’. Located in Brighton, I am eager to wash away poor self-confidence and turn your life into a positive journey. This blog has been created for a wide range of individuals . I will share all my top tips and secrets. So please come back and enjoy reading!

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All my love, God bless.

Amber Jackson xxx

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