Hormonal Acne


Hormones are chemicals that rush around our body that cause a reaction, and sometimes one that we don’t want or like. One of which is acne.

As you know, I have had troubles with my skin for the past 8 to 9 years which has been a roller-coaster of emotions to say the least and full of injections, laser lights and tablets. Sounds fun right? Incorrect!

3 years ago I started my mission to look for natural remedies and to discover why acne appears and if there is anything we can do to prevent it through our diet, supplements and ingredients in our skincare and makeup. Through many hours sat researching, working with dermatologists and other medical professionals. I have made up half of my conclusion, all of which you will be hearing about in the coming weeks.

Therefore I bring you my 3 top tips from one element of the complex subject that is acne – hormones!

Balancing your hormones

Support the liver

Eat leafy greens, B vitamins, antioxidant rich vegetables, quality protein and avoid the obvious liver villains like smoking, alcohol and medications. Increase liver supporting herbs like milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke and nettle. Your liver plays an important part in hormone balance, so be kind to it.

Contraceptive pills

They alter the hormone balance; so try to avoid them due to a severe fluctuation, which is unnecessary for your body to deal with.

Blood sugar

Eat a balanced diet. If your blood sugar is going up and down constantly, it will send your hormones nuts. When this fluctuation occurs your body reacts by creating more of the stress hormone to pick your blood sugar back up, which in turn increases insulin (a hormone).

Lots of love and hope you found this informative!

Amber x