This is a blog post to inform and hopefully give you an insight to what life is like being an Arbonne Consultant.

  • Whether you are interested?
  • Have someone ask you to take a look at the opportunity?
  • Have heard the presentation and making a decision whether to give it a shot?

This is for YOU! A none biased, informative point of view.

The products speak for themselves. They are premium luxury and price wise with fall on par with Clinique, Durmilogica and other department store brands. However there are ways of getting 20% off, 35% off or in some cases free products. They are all highly consumable products which we all use on a daily bases, so you need not worry about if people will buy them, because they already do, it’s simply about swapping their shop.

The company has been running for 35 years, which means the products are well formulated, the business model is fool proof and the business aids set a firm foundation for any new comer.

The business model is simple. Some could say so simple, it is easy to over complicate and make it into a bigger deal then it is. There are 2 sides to making money; signing up consultants, and whatever commission they make, you also benefit from. The second money making activity you reap the rewards from is selling products yourself. This is a basic overview of this process, however if you would like more information, please do get in touch.

The personal development is a key attribute to growing your business, although it may not seem it. I personally had a battle with this regarding my faith VS how to improve MYself. I believed this meant to go against the big G Man and turn to looking at myself. In reality, it could not be further from the truth.

Personal Development helps one to understand a deeper meaning of our being in order to be the best versions of ourselves. By bettering our character we soon realise what is important in life, discarding mobiles and technology, and being present in every moment hearing what people in front of you have to say. When you hear what people have to say, you hear their potential need as to why Arbonne could be a fit for them, therefore helping them and growing your business through the good of your own heart.

The community cannot be faulted. The men and women of this business are kind hearted, open minded, willing to give and are the best at rewarding those who deserve it for their efforts. Of course you are going to come across rude people anywhere you go, but on the whole, they are a pretty amazing bunch of people!

What is your opinion on Arbonne having seen this? Comment below your thoughts.

Love, Amber