Shadi Danin a Harley street clinician invited me to her practice just over a year ago now and has been helping me ever since, from chemical skin peels to laser lights. She has recently invested in a C02 injection machine called, Venusian. This idea behind this new technology is that when C02 is pump into a damaged area, oxygen rushes to the site to recover it therefore repairing the bacteria, scaring and over all skin texture.

The correct name for this is “Carboxy Therapy”. It is used for a variety of different issues such as; anti-age, stretch marks, weight loss and skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, eczema, sores, arthrosis, arthritis and periarthritis).

The process is quick and simple, unlike other injection treatments on the market. For the face, it consists of 5-6 injections being made per cheek and the needle disperses C02 into the base layer of your skin. The sensation is much like a tooth ache or Botox as your skin is being filled with this gas but lasts no more then 10 minutes. The pain is variable depending on a persons tolerance, but like the nurses say before any injection “you will feel a sharp scratch!” and it’s worth the split second pain for the results.

You can view my initial response, video evidence of the transformation my skin went though and the process of the treatment PLUS my reaction to having a needle in my face, which I cringe at, at the best of times ALL on my YouTube channel HERE.

What length will you go to cure your acne? Would love to know

Love Amber