I have been contemplating since mid June whether or not I actually want to attend university. As much as having a degree to my name would be fabulous, I am not convinced that it is the right decision for me as I like learning on my own accord and academics was never my strong suit.

I was preparing to attend a London university, to read Film Practice, a course that was 100% coursework which worked in my favour. My passion for film making has settled down much to my surprise and in a frantic time of my life it was the only hobby I had. Naturally it was the only course that made sense for me to take, but if your hearts not in it, there is not much you can do apart from face up to your misjudgement and change your plan, especially when you know you will not utilise and get the most out of the course at £9,00 a year plus living costs. I am deferring, so I might choose to go back September 2017 you never know, but for now it’s not the right move.

So what now? I am stuck in this rather daunting stage where I decide what I want to do with the unplanned, whole year ahead of me! Traveling has never appealed to me as a gap year, I want to kick start my career and get experience. Traveling can wait! So I have been applying for jobs in advertising sales! I still not convinced it’s the path I want to go down, but if I get an offer on a job I like the sound of I will take it, but thanks to my parents, there is no pressure to get a job and they are letting me take my time. Other options are to build my Arbonne business along side my blog and YouTube channel to the state where I don’t need a job that the pair bring in enough income to fund myself. I like the sound of the latter, whereby I can run my own life – a life by design, in my own time, being the ruler of my own day-to-day life.

What are you doing come September? Don’t be a stranger, let me know!

Love Amber x