Cumbria is one of those places that I have a love hate relationship with.

It is the most serine and calm place, where you can escape mobile phones, emails and social media (mainly because there is no signal or 3G ANYWHERE!) However, this detox helps me every time I come back to put life into perspective. That money and a career is not the be all and end all, that living a life by design – how I want to live, with the time freedom to do what I want, simply to live life’s adventure and what it has in store for me.

On the other hand, I don’t love it so much because there is limited ways to communicate with loved ones that you are not directly with! And when its raining, whats there to do? Nothing apart from the things you can do at home – visit the shopping centre, pop some popcorn and relax at the cinema or find a local sports centre and explore the facilities they have on offer.

Come rain or shine, The Jackson family manage to fulfil all of the traditions that we have accumulated over the years of coming up here. These include;

  • Cockling
  • Meat and potato pie
  • Walk up Hoad
  • More food with a specialty Booths breakfast
  • WHOLE day’s walk ft. getting lost with ‘Grandpa’s mystery tour’
  • Participate in water sports (despite the rain)
  • Agricultural show
  • Celebrate my birthday!
  • Meal out at The Swan
  • Walk to Chapel island
  • Visit the Black Horse pub
  • Cycle the monk monastery for ice cream

How do we do we fit all of this in one week? I am uncertain! However, I do know, we all sleep well at the end of the day!

Being with such exuberant family members and considering I feel like I loose a stone in laughing every time, the week fly’s by!

The memories that have been made here, I can safely say, despite the connection and coldness issues, I love our holidays in Cumbria!

Where is your favourite destination to travel?

Comment below.

Love, Amber