Acne Winter Survival Kit


We all know with autumn upon us, that our skin goes through a transitional period to adapt to the new environmental temperature change. In other words; a few weeks where our skins plays havoc with our emotions due to our skin being uncooperative, dull and quite frankly a pain! Where we run riot in aid of finding a miracle product that does what it says on the tin: spot remover!

Suffering from this seasonal change more times then I wish, means I’ve collected tips and tricks along the way that I wish to share with you beautiful people today.


You need to change things up in the skincare department due to the cold air and central heating being the perfect elements for drying your skin up. When the skin dries it creates more sebum (oil) to hydrate, but we know that causes spots so get there before it does!


This is a given for ALL seasons, but I though I would remind you all of the importance of an SPF, even in the winter. Trust me, you will thank me when your 50 and still have an impeccable, wrinkle free complexion! UVA is still eminent through the clouds and rain, so protect your skin. Try a moisturizer/SPF combo before applying makeup.


Go antioxidant crazy. Eat berries or other foods high in antioxidant and apply a night moisturizer containing antioxidant properties. Antioxidants are important for repairing the skin and aid the healing process of scarring. PLUS add in evening primrose oil, yes oil for an added boost of nourishment. It wont harm you, or cause more spots and oil, trust me.

On a side note, yes I managed to say antioxidant four times in three sentences. English teachers, don’t hate me!


With dryness comes a drap, dull complexion that we all dread so I suggest adding an illuminiser to your SPF moisturizer or foundation to brighten your already gorgeous face to add that spark of a dewy and healthy skin!

Powder vs. Cream

Limit powder use. Have a setting powder to eliminate shine and soak up excess oil. However opting for cream blush, bronzer or contour will ensure your face doesn’t look patchy or scaly as the powder clings to dry areas.

Always remember; you are beautiful no matter what. No amount of makeup or skincare can ever change that.

Love you millions, Amber