Dermaroller 101

Comparing Dermaroller to Other Skin Products and Procedures

If you feel that it’s time to get clinical help for unwanted skin problems, you definitely have a lot of choices. In fact, that’s often the problem. You might have too many choices and be unsure which procedure you need. You might have heard that Dermaroller offers a lot of benefits, for example. But how does it stack up against other procedures?

Skin Can Be Helped in a Variety of Ways
The first thing you need to understand is that there are a variety of ways to clear up skin problems. In fact, there are creams, lotions, and hand-held devices you can use at home on yourself to treat minor skin conditions. Many of those methods are simply designed to give your body something it’s missing. For instance, a cream containing vitamins and minerals may be helpful if your body isn’t getting enough of those.

There are also methods that can help your body by tricking it into making more healthy minerals, vitamins, and proteins on its own. After all, many of those substances are naturally produced by the human body. The problems start to occur when production slows down, which happens naturally as we get older.


Tricking Your Body Into Fixing Itself
There are several skincare methods that trick your body into fixing its own skin cells. Clinicians and skincare experts have used cosmetic lasers to do that for years. They can basically stir up the skin cells and make them think that they are under attack. That leads the body to try to fend off the “enemy” and repair any damage that was caused. In the process, a lot of old damage that was already there gets repaired as well.

Dermaroller does the same thing, except that the procedure is done in a completely different way. It utilizes tiny needles attached to a rolling device. As the device is rolled over the skin, the needles cause that tiny bit of damage and trick the body into fixing its cells on its own.


Differences Between the Treatment Results
The differences between laser and Dermaroller treatments also cause differences in the results, depending on who goes in for the treatments. For example, some laser devices can cause blisters on the skin of those who have over active oil glands. Usually people with darker skin also have oily skin, which is why many experts say that the majority of laser treatments should only be done on those with light skin.

Dermaroller, on the other hand, doesn’t involve a lot of heat at all. Not only that, but Dermarollers don’t react differently in any way to different shades of skin. They can be used on almost anyone, regardless of skin color. That makes them a great alternative to laser treatment for certain people.

Of course, there are also many other skincare treatments available. Dermaroller is not really better or worse than any of them. They all have certain benefits and drawbacks. So, it’s just a matter of finding the treatment that give you specifically the best benefits with the least drawbacks. For that, all you need to do is ask your skincare expert for their recommendations and advice.