As I sit here contemplating what to type since it has been so long I thought id start with an apology. You see, needs must and A Levels where my priority, getting through with out any distractions. After my exams finished, I found myself in a world wind of kayos. I was fighting every instinct to relax and instead decided to propel myself into none stop hard work with business meeting after meeting. I needed to get away and shut everyone off. I was exhausted and quite frankly tired of my own voice pushing myself to excel, finding it imposable to relax. The only solution was to jet off to my cousins house in the French countryside for a little TLC!

This short break away did me a world of good, the 4 days helped me put situations into perspective and start the relaxation process! I has taken me a FULL month to calm down and feel level headed with both feet on the ground but this is what I needed in order to gain clarity. I have a refreshed mind, body and spirit and although I am unsure where my life is heading, I know I am content with just being.

As I come back with a revitalize mind set, I am looking at focusing my attention for the next coming months on my business and my blog/YouTube channel which has undoubtedly been the dream since I started it.

What can you expect to see on Style By Amber?

  • Videos every Sunday, Wednesday and friday
  • Blog posts every Tuesday and Thursday

You can be assured that one video and one post a week will be acne/skin related.

With that being said, please comment what you would like to see or read about next. I would love to know.

Love Amber x